The Moroccan Escapade

Marrakesh to Marrakesh, Morocco

October 5-13, 2024
9 Days
1 Country
2000 km/1250 mi

The sands of the Sahara await you on this 9 day minimal assistance rally through Morocco, into its dunes, canyons and wadis. Select a mode of transport, choose a team and join us! This is a challenge of your driving ability, your navigation skills and your determination. All this as you journey through spectacular scenery and visit some North Africa’s best sights.

Bringing back adventure!

Many travel companies happily provide an off-the-rack experience.Their clinical touch of uniformity squeezes all fun from global travel in the 21st century. The Moroccan Escapade however charts a course away from the sterile hotels and rehearsed guided tours they offer. Instead we put the fun and adventure back into seeing some of the most amazing sights of southern Morocco with our nine-day 2000 km desert adventure rally.

And here's how

The Moroccan Escapade is a minimal assistance rally, which means it isn't all handed to you on a silver platter. Whilst we'll provide the facilities and tools you need, you’ll be in charge of your own adventure. We've set up the framework for you to enjoy discovery as you drive and added a bit of challenge as you cruise the Atlantic coast, the desert dunes and the Atlas mountains. Can you make it to the finish of this adventure rally through Morocco in one piece? Join us and prove it.

Why travel with us?
We are travel maniacs with expertise

For us this is not just a business, but a passion. With more than 10 years experience, we guarantee the essence of fun-within-adventure across all our events that span the globe.

We want to get to know you

In our small groups you are never just another driver. Our strong community spirit ensures that all our participants get to know each other and share their trip experiences along the road.

We know adventure must be unique

We provide a unique offbeat approach coupled with stunning destinations. They have all been specifically chosen to present the very best adventure rallies available today.


Can you complete the Moroccan Escapade? If this is the trip you've been waiting for, wait no more and sign up today for the adventure of a lifetime. SIGN UP NOW! Sign up early to guarantee your place in this desert adventure rally through Morocco - a maximum of 30 teams can sign up for the 2021 event!

If you don't trust us, trust them

You get to have all the adventure, you take credit for every achievement, but if things go wrong, you know there is somebody to help you. No need to talk about the obvious things like travelling with like-minded adventurers from all over the world, seeing the last corners without McDonalds and the feeling when conquering challenges I don’t need to solve in my comfortable everyday life.

Denis, 45

I have participated in one Travel Scientists' event, and would love to do another. I'm not a fan of package holidays, and I like having the freedom to explore places myself. With the Travel Scientists I got that, but also made great friends with other teams. The organizers knew a lot about the region, and I knew they'd be able to help if something went very wrong: luckily nothing did!

Jeremy, 27

I have done some travelling off beaten track, both by myself and on organised trips. With the Travel Scientists for the first time I found the perfect balance. With these guys every morning you are free to do whatever you want, go at whatever pace or to whichever place you wish, but you are sure that at the end of the day even in the remotest places there will be a place for you to rest.