Vehicle Rules

We at the Travel Scientists will not dictate what you drive nor how you ought drive it. You may be as strange and eccentric with your choice of vehicle as you wish. Want to drive up the Atlas Mountains in a Fire Engine? That’s fine. Want to tackle the dunes of the Sahara in a WWII Jeep? Bring it on. We have no issues with whatever weird, wonderful and wacky vehicle you want to take, we won’t even mind if it doesn’t have four wheels at all.

Naturally instinct tends to lead people toward the luxurious 4×4 when choosing a vehicle for the Grand Moroccan Escapade however we have found that in remote locations getting these surprisingly complex vehicles repaired can be a challenge all of its own, so we advise more mechanically simple vehicles that can be more easily fixed by the side of the road should something go awry along the way.

The Travel Scientists have gone to great pains to create the Grand Moroccan Escapade specifically so as to balance out any difference in vehicles chosen by the participants. That way everyone is on an equal footing irrespective of their experience and transport, guaranteeing you’ll have fun taking part in anything from an ice cream truck to a postal van, a hatchback to a beach buggy.


Rally Specific Purchase

Purchasing a vehicle especially for the rally and selling it afterwards is a good option for everybody who wants to leave their luxury limousines in the their save garage. It can require substantial time and effort though, both prior to and after the event, that participants will need to take into account when planning to use this option.


Rent a Vehicle

Don’t have a rally appropriate vehicle, but don’t want to buy one either? No problem! There are plenty of rental agencies all over Morocco, which can provide you with all types of cars for a reasonable price. If you have any questions about which vehicle to decide for, just drop us a line and we’ll help you choose your most important rally companion.



Vehicle Shipping

Transfer or shipping of a specific vehicle to and from the event can be organized by the Travel Scientists upon request. Please contact us far enough ahead of the event to facilitate this service and any other assistance you might need to get to the starting line.