The Challenge

Taste the flavors of North Africa during your visit of Morocco’s southern region. Meet its people, sample its food, and enjoy the magnificence of this ancient kingdom’s scenery. This amazing desert adventure rally will take you from the sands of the Sahara to the peaks of the Atlas mountains all the way to the Atlantic coast.

From the streets of Marrakesh to the endless dunes of Merzouga this is no simple road trip but a true challenge to provide you and your team with an adventure to remember.

The Method Behind Our Madness

The Grand Moroccan Escapade is a “minimal assistance” rally. This means once we're on the road it's all going to be down to you. But we've organized a complete framework on which you can safely hang your own unique adventure. We'll also help you to meet new people, discover new places and overcome any obstacles along the way. So come the finish your achievement will not be spoilt by us having mothered you all along the way.

Oct 2024
05/10/2024 - 13/10/2024
2000 km
Open road
The Route

Before the end of our desert adventure rally you’ll have to cover 2000 km of highways, roads, tracks and dunes. We'll leave it up to you and your team to decide how best to tackle them and where you'll find the most fun on the Moroccan Escapade. We’ll give you a daily route, which you can follow (or not) including the best highlights of the day.


Day Km Itinerary
1 210 Marrakesh to Quarzazate
2 190 Quarzazate to Bourmaine Dades
3 340 Bourmaine Dades to Erg Chebbi Dunes
4 - Rest day in Erg Chebbi
5 300 Erg Chebbi Dunes to Mhamid el Ghiziane
6 300 Mhamid el Ghiziane to Tata
7 190 Tata to Tafraoute
8 300 Tafraoute to Agadir
9 360 Agadir to Marrakesh
Map of the challenge
The Travel Scientists Goodie Bag

We won't spoil your discoveries and adventures with complete supervision. Yet we are still your bastion of calm during the whole trip. As such we have put together a fail safe package of services and support for you, to make your experience unforgettable.

Rally Preparation

We provide you with our stylish official rally equipment, can book your accommodations and share our expertise of the region.

Route Planning

The route has been carefully created and tested by the organizers. Special detailed maps are available.

Visas & Documentation

We support you with visa and licensing issues and provide info about all needed paperwork.

An Extensive Road Book

We supply you with our ultimate survival guide, helping you to navigate unknown streets & cultural customs.

Like-minded Nutters

We take pride in hosting a community atmosphere and encouraging wild partying and socializing.

Start and Finish Party

We provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your trip with your newly found friends. Twice!


There are two packages on offer for the Grand Moroccan Escapade so we can provide precisely the right amount of assistance you wish to take. We have just what you're after: from a bare-bones approach to the far more comfortable luxury option with pre-booked accommodation. Nothing stands in the way of you and your own personal adventure in the deserts of the North African Sahara.


695 €/person

We provide you with the basics like rally gear, a roadbook and a social infrastructure on the way.

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1395 €/person

We provide you with the important rally basics and additionally organize your accommodation.

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The Rest Is up to You!

With thousands of miles of roads, tracks and obstacles between the start and finish we leave it up to you as to how you'll tackle them and where you'll find the most fun doing it.

Our great desert adventure rally is waiting for you!