I Went, I Saw, I Gave

One of the central pillars of the Travel Scientists’ approach to globe trotting is to always spread a little happiness as we pass by, ensuring we don’t merely gawp at people left in our dust as we traverse the world’s most interesting places but try, in our own way, to leave the places we visit a little better than when we arrived.

We positively encourage participation in, or indeed organization of, any charitable activities as would benefit the people and places we visit, sharing with others the advantages we gained automatically and they may have missed out upon.

There’s a thrill to seeing new, amazing places, to meeting fabulous and friendly people, to meeting the challenge of the Grand Moroccan Escapade but there’s an emotional high that stems from giving few other experiences can ever replace.

Participation in our Moroccan Escapade charity program is by no means mandatory, but the satisfaction found in giving to disadvantaged local communities is incredibly uplifting and provides an emotional high point for many of our adventurers. Our charity efforts embrace our spirit of exploration – we research these communities to find worthy recipients, and we encourage our fellow rally participants to take part with in-kind donations and/or fund-raising.

Just a little bit can go a long way to help people in desperate need. And who knows… one day someone you help could return the favor!