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Where Are We Going?
Ready? Steady? Rally!
Ready? Steady? Rally!

The party gets started in Marrakesh, the Red City, home to the largest traditional souk in the country. Then the Grand Moroccan Escapade hits the road and strikes out toward the high passes of the Atlas Mountains. Next we sweep round through the vast emptiness of the Sahara Desert and brush the coast of Africa overlooking the Atlantic. Eventually the Moroccan Escapade returns once more to the bustling streets of Marrakesh. It's 2000 km of fun, adventure and discovery, but are you and your team up to the challenge?

No Simple Sunday Drive
No Simple Sunday Drive

Using some of the same stages as the Paris-Dakar rally of old the route of the Moroccan Escapade is by no means a simple road trip. Be prepared for hardships of all varieties. You’ll have to dig your vehicle out of yet another sand dune and to navigate crowded and confusing city centers. Weather the scorching desert sun and the piercing nighttime cold. The Grand Moroccan Escapade is a true adventure. Along the way you'll get to experience the hospitality of this region, sample its cuisine, meet its people and experience the breathtaking scenery of southern Morocco.

An Exciting Escapade
An Exciting Escapade

Pulling up to the finish in Marrakesh you'll be able to bask in the satisfaction that you have completed the Grand Moroccan Escapade, having faced the challenge of traveling the high mountain roads and rough desert tracks. Share the achievement with your fellow adventurers at the finish, cherish the memories made. You’ll take home new friendships and the knowledge that you completed this challenging journey. And you can enjoy both for the rest of your life.

The Grand Moroccan Escapade is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and it's easy to get involved right now!

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Highlights of the Grand Moroccan Escapade


Marrakesh Moroccan Escapade

Let the muezzin’s call guide you wandering through Marrakesh’s markets and get lost in the labyrinth of the old town.

Ait Benhaddou

Ait-Benhaddou Moroccan Escapade

This oasis, often used as film set, hasn’t lost its ancient charm, providing you with a shortcut to long gone times.


Quarzazate Moroccan Escapade

“The door of the desert” boasts with a beautiful old kasbah and is perfect for relaxing before entering the desert.

Dades Valley

Dades Gorges Moroccan Escapade

Drive along the Dades Valley with its colorful walls, sometimes towering up to 200 m, or spreading out to fertile valleys.

Todgha Gorges

Todgha-Gorges Moroccan Escapade

Explore the up to 160 m high rock walls of the Todgha Gorges, carved in the stone over aeons by the still flowing river.

Sand Dunes

Erg Chebbi Dunes Moroccan Escapade

Climb up to 150 m high sand dunes by foot, or, if you have the skills and dare to do so, cross them with your 4x4.

Desert Oases

Desert Oasis Moroccan Escapade

Is it true or is it a fata morgana? Stroll through groves of date palms emerging out of the dust of the Sahara.


Agadir Moroccan Escapade

Experience the buzzing life of Agadir, one of Morocco’s most modern and progressive, yet traditional cities.

Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains Moroccan Escapade

Cross the Atlas Mountains, steeped in thousands of years old legends, on winding roads till you reach the Sahara.


Moroccan Hospitality Moroccan Escapade

Experience the famed hospitality of the people of the desert and get to know their ancient culture.

Paris Dakar

Paris Dakar Moroccan Escapade

Be ready to test your driving skills while having some off-road-action on the old Paris-Dakar piste.

Ride a Camel

Camel Ride Moroccan Escapade

Maybe even switch your 4x4 for a camel for a while and travel through the desert in ancient Berber style.