Most Important Phrases in Moroccan Arabic

  Only a few months left till the Moroccan Escapade, so it’s about time to brush up on your Moroccan Arabic, also called Darija. It differs significantly from Modern Standard Arabic, even more than most other Arabic dialects, thanks to the big influence of the Berber languages, some Latin as well as French and Spanish. That’s […]

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Why We Love Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a magical city. In October, when we set off on Grand Moroccan Escapade, it might be tough to get going on our driving adventure. Not because of the challenge — though it will be challenging! — but simply because our start city, Marrakesh, is just so enchanting. Luckily though, it’s also our final stop, […]

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For Desert Pioneers – The Grand Moroccan Escapade

Morocco with its endless coastline, the seemingly insurmountable Atlas Mountains and the endless desert behind them is every adventurer’s dream come true and it’s been high time that the Travel Scientists put their mark on the North African country. The Route So we proudly present you the Grand Moroccan Escapade, an epic car rally starting in […]

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