Why We Love Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a magical city.

In October, when we set off on Grand Moroccan Escapade, it might be tough to get going on our driving adventure. Not because of the challenge — though it will be challenging! — but simply because our start city, Marrakesh, is just so enchanting. Luckily though, it’s also our final stop, so we can spend even more time wandering its narrow lanes, experiencing the bustling center at night, and bargaining at the market. Here are just some of the reasons we love this city.


The Square

Photo by Boris Macek

How else can we begin than with the heart of Marrakesh: Jemaa el-Fnaa. Within the walls of the ancient medina, this square is the ancient soul of the city, where you can still see snake charmers and, in the evening, food stalls serving delicious local cuisine.

The Street Food

Photo by Photo Monkey

Obviously, the non-street food is also sensational, but on the square you can try a variety of weird and wonderful traditional snacks. Snail soup might take some getting used to, but makouda (fried potato balls) are addictive.


Photo by Geof Wilson

If you’re looking for that unique Moroccan instagram, we have just the place. The preparation of leather on a mass scale, in the city’s old town, is an awesome sight; but, be prepared for a less than pleasant smell!

Mosques and Madrasas


Learn about Marrakesh’s rich religious history, and marvel at astonishing architecture, at one of the cities many Islamic centers. The Koutoubia minaret, above, is particularly special.


Photo by Photo Monkey

Souqs were the shopping centers of their day, and in Marrakesh you can spend countless hours (and money!) wandering the narrow lanes, with artisans competing for your custom. Even if you aren’t planning to shop, the atmosphere makes a walk worthwhile.



Photo by Viault

Necessary to escape the heat, some of Marrakesh’s best spots celebrate greenery. Most famous is Jardin Majorelle, an early 20th century labour of love, which resulted in a paradise comprised of botanic gardens, colourful architecture, and stylish museums.



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